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Manas Choudhury was born on 19th Aug 1968 to Late Niranjan Choudhury & Sailabala Choudhury of Bhubaneswar; Odisha.He is the eldest of the 3 brothers. He inculcated the Leadership abilities since his student career and began his political movement under the Congress Flag and sincerely executed the responsibilities bestowed on him on various occasions.

My Vision & Mission

What I Believe

Public Service

Public service is the core duty of a politician, advocating for the needs and aspirations of the people, and working diligently to create positive change for the community.


Leadership is a fundamental quality for politicians, inspiring others with a clear vision, fostering collaboration, and making tough decisions for the collective good, driving progress and bringing about meaningful change.

Economic Prosperity

Economic prosperity is a key focus for politicians, striving to foster growth, create jobs, and reduce inequality. Through effective policies, they aim to build thriving economies that benefit all members of society.

Good Governance

Good governance is a paramount principle for politicians, embodying transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct. It ensures that decisions are made in the best interest of the people and upholds the integrity of the governing process.

Infrastructure and Development

Manas Choudhury focuses on improving infrastructure, including transportation, energy, and communication networks. His mission is to enhance the quality of life for citizens, stimulate economic growth, and create a solid foundation for future progress.

Good Governance and Accountability

Manas Choudhury aims to enhance the effectiveness and transparency of government institutions. This mission involves combating corruption, promoting accountability, and ensuring that public resources are used responsibly and for the benefit of society.

Economic Growth and Stability

His mission may involve implementing policies to stimulate growth, support businesses, and create jobs, while also ensuring the financial stability and security of citizens.

Cultural and Social Promotion

Manas Choudhury emphasises on preserving and promoting cultural heritage and social values. He works to support the arts, protect historical landmarks, and celebrate the diversity that enriches the local communities.

Stronger Together

Manas Choudhury was born on 19th August to Late Niranjan Choudhury & Late Sailabala Choudhury. He is the eldest of 3 brothers. He inculcated leadership abilities since his college days and began his political career under Congress and has been sincerely executing the responsibilities bestowed on him on various occasions.


Manas Choudhury was born on 19th August to Late Niranjan Choudhury & Late Sailabala Choudhury.


He is a true follower of Rajiv Gandhi’s Dream of a prosperous India. He believes in Gandhian philosophy.


He is a strong advocate of the Rahul Gandhi Mantra of participation of youth towards the change.


He believes in serving the society before serving his own family.

His Promise

As a Strong follower of Gandhian Philosophy Manas Choudhury believes in "LIVE & LET LIVE" Principle

What Our Promise

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